Brass Barrel Weights

Custom Brass Between-The-Barrel Weights.
Made for most Over/Under, Un-Single, and Over-Single shotguns.

-Better swing characteristics for your gun.  Do you find yourself swinging through/by targets?  Is your gun uncontrollable or “whippy”?  Adding weight to your barrels allows you to have a slower, more deliberate, controllable swing, allowing you to put the barrels where you want them, rather than having the gun determine where the barrels end up.  My weights also provide an excellent way to re-balance your gun after you’ve had a new recoil pad, recoil pad adjuster, recoil reducer such as a Gracoil or RAD, mercury weight, or adjustable comb installed in your gun.

-2-3% reduction in ACTUAL recoil.  By increasing the overall weight/mass of your gun, the gun is better able to absorb the recoil, meaning your shoulder takes less punishment

-Decrease in muzzle jump.  As you add weight in front of the balance point of the gun, that weight acts as a damper, retarding the barrels tendency to jump up when fired, allowing you to experience faster and more accurate target acquisition.

The Back Story…

I had been searching for something for the longest time to add some weight to my barrels and make my gun more controllable. I didn’t want anything clamped onto the barrels, as it would ruin the lines of the gun. After searching about 3 years, I ended up manufacturing my own weights. They fit neatly between the barrels, and are held together by draw screws (most common) or silicone adhesive (for guns with a solid mid-rib, or where barrel spacing precludes the use of screws).  For guns with a solid mid-rib, you can also have a gunsmith drill and tap your mid-rib for grub screws, which can be used to hold the weights to your gun, if you would like an alternative to using RTV silicone.  These weights are custom made to the specifications of your barrels, not mass-produced like some alternatives.

To date, I’ve manufactured these weights Krieghoff K80/K32 (Over/Under, Unsingle, Top Single), Kolar (Over/Under, Unsingle, Top Single), Beretta (682, 686, ASE90, DT10), Browning, Perazzi (Over/Under, Unsingle, Top Single), Caesar Guerini, Zoli, and Blaser, and for guns in 12ga, 20ga, 28 gauge, and 410 bore. The design of these weights are the same no matter what break-action shotgun you are using, so even if I haven’t made them for your gun before, there is no doubt that I can. 

These weights weigh approximately .45 oz/inch combined for both sides if you wanted to figure out how much yours would weigh (example, a 10″ weight would weigh 4.5oz TOTAL, both sides). This is typically the maximum weight that can be hidden under the forend.  I can also manufacture weights for the barrels in front of the forend if you wanted to match weight a barrel to one with sub-gauge tubes, or just add more weight overall. 

Price for weights is $70 per set, up to 10″ in length, which includes shipping within the United States. Weights longer than 10″ will be priced at $7.00 per inch.

Terms: Due to the custom nature of these weights, all orders must be prepaid.  Orders are non-refundable after weights have been manufactured, as they are made specifically for your gun. Electronic payments are no longer being accepted for this product, please use the “Contact Me” page to place you order.

Ordering Instructions:

When you contact me about ordering weights, I’ll need the following information, so please have it available when you contact me:

-The length of weights you desire (this is the Red line).  If you are looking for the maximum weight to fit completely under your forend, do the following.  Put your barrels on the action, and measure from the tip of the ejector to the end of the forend, the mid hanger, or where the mid-rib starts (depending on the make and model of gun).

-How far back from where the muzzle end of the weights will there be room for screw clearance (this is the Blue line).  Begin by checking clearance with 2 stacked pennies (or a #4-40 screw (.108” diameter).  Slide these between the barrels, and as far back toward the monoblock as possible. If you cannot fit 2 stacked pennies between the barrels, try a dime and the edge of a credit card (or a #2-56 screw (.082” diameter).  Provide me with this length, as well as which diameter screw will work.  If you do not have clearance for either screw size, or have a solid mid-rib, you will have to attach your weights with RTV silicone.

Please note that drawings or sketches are appreciated if you have a gun that may be difficult to fit weights to, or have special requirements.

Also, I do not maintain any list of measurements from previous jobs.  Each barrel has manufacturing variances (some manufacturers have LARGE variances from barrel to barrel), so I will need the measurements from YOUR specific barrel in order to make your weights.  I CANNOT make your weights without the measurements from your specific barrel.


Weights that are setup with #4-40 screws come standard with steel inserts, which provide additional strength and durability.  Weights that utilize 2-56 screws will have the brass itself threaded as there are no steel inserts available in this size.


Product Photos

Here are some pictures past customers provided me showing their weights installed on their gun:

Here is a set of weights I made for a Perazzi for the past President of the Amateur Trapshooting Association, Ken Duncan.  This set was 7oz, and extended past the forend to achieve the weight and balance he wanted on his doubles gun (thanks to Ken for providing the photos):

 A set of weights installed on a Beretta 686 White Onyx Sporting

Here’s a set I made for  Browning XT, installed on the barrels, courtesy of Mike Hudick

Another set installed on a Perazzi, photo courtesy of Whitney Damron

Here is a set of full length weights installed on a set of 28 gauge Krieghoff Model 32 barrels.  Owner wanted to replicate the weight of a tubed set of 12ga barrels.

Weights installed on Beretta DT-10

Weights installed on a Perazzi MX2000/10 Top Single trap barrel

NOTE: I do not sell, repair, or modify firearms, nor do I sell ammunition.  I am not a firearm dealer.